Hi. I'm Casey Durango and I've lost 93.9 95.4 95.5 97.4 pounds (yes, I count every 1/10th of a pound!) by following the ketogenic diet. After 30 years of being overweight - let's face it - of being morbidly obese, my life changed by simply making the decision to reduce my carbohydrate intake to 20g/day or lower, eating fatty sources of protein and learned to eat only when hungry (the hardest part!). The thing is, not only did I start burning body fat for fuel (burning 'ketones', from which the name of ketogenic comes) but my overall health improved. My blood work is pristine, brain fog is gone, energy level back to where it was in my twenties. Oh, did I mention I'm I started this protocol in 2014 at age 55? All these improvements came in late middle age. 

And all from food. Just food. Honest and true.

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