Getting Close to Goal. Can I Make It?

I've added a new tab at the top of the page, next to the "contact' button, that links to this page about a weight loss goal I've set, one of hundreds I've set throughout my life but nearly the last. Having come close to getting where I want/need to be in regards to weight, I have two last segments left: I want to lose 7.9 pounds from where I started on August 7 and do so by October 20th or sooner.. I know those seem like random numbers but I just do what my spreadsheet tells me...

I'm including a chart which will be updated daily. You can take this little challenge with me and see the progress, or lack thereof. And that's one of the reasons for sharing. It's a good thing to remember that weight loss, as with so much in life, doesn't progress in a straight line. Some days are up, some down.

I'd love to hear your challenges and goals, how you track them, and how you deal when the numbers don't fall the way you wish. Keep checking in on that tab at the top.  Or you can just click on this link. (Ain't technology grand?)