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GKwC Roadshow - Portland

The Pacific Northwest is the location for a meeting of people interested in, curious about, devoted to the ketogenic diet. We're going to share information, questions, personal successes & struggles. The atmosphere, as always, will be relaxed. That's just how we roll at Go Keto with Casey. This is all about regaining control of our lives. And part of that is leaving stress at the door.


Meet & Greet. Low key environment, catered with keto-friendly hoers d'hovers, wine & other beverages. This is a chance to break the ice with attendees, enjoy a nosh & a sip. The building is a business but was a cottage, complete with front porch, patio and is in a walkable neighborhood. (Thanks to, as always for being so supportive)

Here's where the 'meat' of the program happens. Informational presentations, some more technical, some less. Q&A. Shared success stories. There may even be quiz show-like games for those willing to put their knowledge to the test. And there will be 'fabulous prizes!'. (Or maybe just some GKwC SWAG...) 

At any rate, it will be fun. Personal participation will be as much or as little as each person wishes. No one will be put on the spot. Unless you like to be there!

Some helpful information about lodging, eating and transportation near the Lloyd Center

Bridge City Cafe (503) 335-3370
Inside the Lloyd center (30 second walk from our location)

DoubleTree Hilton Hotel (503) 281-6111
Right across the street from us.
1000 NE Multnomah St, Portland, OR 97232

Residence Inn by Mariott (503) 288-1400
Three blocks away
1710 NE Multnomah St, Portland, OR 97232

Courtyard by Mariott (503) 234-3200
4 blocks away 435 NE Wasco St, Portland, OR 97232

There's about three more all within 5 blocks of us. If you do a quick google map search they should all pop up!

Lunch Break/Dinner:
Broadway Street
Broadway Street is the main street two blocks from us. On that street is Thai, Mexican, Japanese, American, Vietnamese, Italian, French...All kinds of places all within walking distance. 

The train across from us will take you directly downtown, where the possibilities are endless! Portland is know for it's amazing quality of food and pretty much all of our restaurants have high standards for produce, even bars. I would be happy to recommend to you places specifically if you gave me a genre of what kind of setting you might be looking for. 


Transportation in Portland is known as "TriMet." This includes trains, buses, and trolleys.  

Lloyd Center is right off of the Max Station "Lloyd Center." This station connects directly to the airport (about a 30 minute ride).

Trimet is $2.50 for 2 1/2 hours or $5 for a whole day.