Having reached my most recent goal (2 days ahead of schedule, mind you) I've commenced my last weight loss goal. 5.8 pounds by January 8, 2018. Updated daily. This date is significant to me as it's the anniversary of when I commenced on the ketogenic diet. Wish me luck!

[The red line is where I am. The light red line is the trendline, forecasting where my weight would be going forward based on my actual weight. The gray line where I should be to reach my goal of losing 5.8 pounds by January 8, 2018. Updated daily]

Like most people who've tried to lose weight, I have set, and missed, hundreds of goals. Maybe thousands. Truly. Think about it. How many 'Fresh Start Mondays' have we lived throughout the years? You know what I'm talking about.

As I wrote in this post, I started a spreadsheet on December 18, 2000. I was at my heaviest weight (that I know of) and I had to try something. I like data and figured I'd start charting my daily weight and activity into the sheet. It eventually grew into a rather monstrously sized document but at first it was just weight and exercise.

I set goals. I logged weight. I missed goals. Rinse, lather, repeat.

It wasn't until I started following the ketogenic diet that I started actually reaching goals. It was amazing. I ate food. I lost weight. I reached goals. Again: rinse, lather repeat. Fantastic!

I'm now much closer to the end of my weight goal and the pounds are much slower to come off. That's OK. Frankly, if I don't lose another pound, I'm thrilled. My health is stellar, brainpower back in force, depression lifted. And I feel better than I have since.... in truth, I never remember feeling this well as an adult.

I continue to weigh and log every day. I've decided to share this chart for your viewing pleasure. What it shows is where I am in my goal to lose 5.8 pounds (starting March 4, 2017) by April 30, 2017. If I get there it will be - holy moly - my second to last weight loss goal. After having tried and failed so many times for over 30 years, that's a pretty big deal for me. 

Feel free to comment or share you own goals. We can be each others' cheerleader!