Our Week in Food (3.26.2017)

Here's our week, food-wise. You'll see liver (deep fried in bacon fat), egg drop soup, shrimp & broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, bok chop, cream cheese pancakes and lots of ribeyes. Even homemade cheese crisps. The one shot of a large bowl of homemade bone broth is a teaser for an upcoming 'how to' video on making your own. Spoiler alert: You let bones simmer for a couple of days. Done. :)

All this food is keto friendly, easy to prepare and really satisfying. Don't let anyone tell you this diet is about deprivation 'cause, well, it's not! 

Disclaimer: I’ve been fortunate to have had the time and resources to research the ketogenic diet, also known as LCHF (low carb/high fat). The information I share is based solely on my understanding of that research. We are all responsible for our own choices, including what we put in our mouths and there’s no substitute for each of us checking things out ourselves. And I’m not a medical professional in any way. Go Keto With Casey is not a medical site. “Duh,” you might say. But best to make it clear to all.  I welcome questions, comments and even civil criticism. I’m still learning. So, if you have something to add, go for it. Links in this post and all others may direct you to amazon.com, where I will receive a small amount of the purchase price of any items you buy through my affiliate links. Thanks!