Clothes. Again.

Here goes yet another 'unboxing' post about clothing. Clothes may seem a boring topic to some, while fashion is of high interest to others. What I have found since going from being a woman who wore the Fat Lady Uniform (largest sized jeans available and stretchy 2x tops in muted colors) to one who now finds herself in red, cold shoulder tops ('cold shoulder?' Clever marketers...) is that a world has opened up to me. A world of enjoying clothes rather than being embarrassed about my choices.

The topic has been mentioned here before and redundancy isn't my goal. But I'm flabbergasted - still - by the fact that something I approached with dread has been replaced with happy anticipation. I love getting these shipments from the service I use, Stitch Fix. There are others, I imagine, but Stitch Fix is the one I use. Boxes are delivered to me with contents unknown. One's profile can be set up so everything from scarves to shoes to dresses to jewelry and handbags can be chosen by the stylist. I opt for tops, slacks and light jackets with the occasional skirt or dress. I've adjusted my size requirement downwards several times and asked that styles become more daring, as I have become so.

The thing is, losing weight, becoming smaller doesn't always compute in our heads at the same rate as the physical changes. I've spoken with many people who have trouble recognizing that they no longer need size 3x clothing and should be choosing 18s from the rack. Or who are trepidatious about entering a store that sells 'normal' sized clothes. I wrote about my own experience with that before, recounting my momentary FGP ("Fat Girl Panic", a phrase taught me by my friend Cyndi) when a clerk tapped me on the shoulder in a nice store to point out I was in the wrong department. Spoiler Alert: It all ended nicely.

To this day, I still assume some of the pieces in my Stitch Fix deliveries will not fit. Yet they do. 

If you're struggling to get yourself out of the uniform you've worn for years, the one where you hope no one will notice you or one that goes well with the potted tree you're standing behind in case anyone pulls our a camera, try to take a bold step. It might be just buying something red or *gasp*  sleeveless. (I know, small steps). But do this: buy something smaller than fits. An aspirational pair of jeans or a blouse. Nothing crazy. Just a size smaller than works now. Hang it up where you can view it and know that if not this week, maybe next. Or next month. But one day that bit of cloth that intimidates now you will one day be an item you cart off to Goodwill because it's too large. 

That stuff happens. If it can to me, it can to you. 

Here are a couple of videos of my new clothes. I can't wait to see what I receive next!

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