Don't You Have One of those "Standing in One Leg of your Jeans" Photos?

It seems obligatory when one loses a lot of weight loss there should be a photo standing in one leg of the pants which one wore before losing said weight. I love those photos!

I didn't keep my original jeans. At some point I decided that all those large clothes were a part of myself with which I no longer identified. But more to the point, I didn't want items dripping with negative memories hanging out in my closet. To riff on Marie Kondo, those fat clothes most decidedly did not 'spark joy'. So off to Goodwill they went.

One day my Lovely Mate commented how loose my most recent pair of leggings had become. That was pretty amazing since me in leggings used to look like a ten pound sausage packed into a five pound casing. He said something to effect that I should pull out my old jeans to compare then and now. I told him about having donated them. Oh well. So much for that.

Later that day we were at Costco. Almost all of my wardrobe had come from Costco throughout my heaviest years. Shopping has never been fun for me and clothes shopping was a particular form of torture. Costco carries jeans all the way up to 24W. I could grab a pair off the table and throw them into the cart, atop the tortilla chips, motor oil, case of canend dog food and vacuum cleaner (gotta love one stop shopping). Although I don't buy my jeans at Costco anymore - the last pair I bought were size 6, the smallest they have - it occurred to me I could show my husband the difference between then and now.

"Hey, Babe!" I called. He was looking at the ginormous televisions, again. "Come take a look."

I had found a pair of 22W jeans, a couple of sizes lower than my all time largest. He snapped a pic.

[Clarification: I'm cuter than this photo shows. I promise. This was after a hot day, working in the garden and chicken yard, no make up and the dreaded florescent lighting of warehouse stores.]

But you get the idea. Even I was shocked to see the difference. Hard to believe I fully filled out those large trousers. What a lot of junk there must have been in my trunk!

I'm not standing in one leg of my jeans, but I'll claim this as close enough. My obligation is fulfilled.