Some Meals I Eat When Left Alone

This is a video from my YouTube channel showing some meals from a couple of weeks ago. You'll notice a decided theme in most of them. I'm a lazy cook and, frankly, have gotten to the point where I'm less interested in eating than in figuring out what to eat so that I don't have to think about food for the rest of the day. This is a remarkable change in my attitude towards meals - or meal, or heavy snack. It seems I may have achieved that Nirvana fat people dream of: looking at food as fuel and not as any of the multitude other roles we place on it.

For the most part, I just don't care about food very much anymore. This is a direct result of the ketogenic diet. I believe my mind and body have been 'rebooted' back to their original programming. And by that I mean original like "original", s in the way we've always been designed to function before our system got off track over the last bit of humankind. Like some jerk of a hacker in the universe's basement infected us with a virus and all hell broke loose. But instead of airlines being grounded or dirty pop-ups appearing on computer screens, the health of an entire generation the world over has taken a nose dive.

No, I no longer dream of food, think of food, yearn for food. It's now a tool. Like a toothbrush or a good night's sleep or fresh air. It's used to keep me healthy and productive. It isn't my reason for getting up in the morning. Nor do I cry myself to sleep at night anymore.

Sheesh, such heavy writing just to introduce a video about all the ways I eat eggs! 

Disclaimer: I’ve been fortunate to have had the time and resources to research the ketogenic diet, also known as LCHF (low carb/high fat). The information I share is based solely on my understanding of that research. We are all responsible for our own choices, including what we put in our mouths and there’s no substitute for each of us checking things out ourselves. And I’m not a medical professional in any way. Go Keto With Casey is not a medical site. “Duh,” you might say. But best to make it clear to all.  I welcome questions, comments and even civil criticism. I’m still learning. So, if you have something to add, go for it. Links in this post and all others may direct you to, where I will receive a small amount of the purchase price of any items you buy through my affiliate links. Thanks!