How To Start the Ketogenic Diet

Taking the first step in most of the changes in which we embark in life is often the most difficult - and scariest - part. And when that change involves something as fundamental as the way we eat, wrapped up in tradition, sentiment, comfort and, sadly, bad advice, it can be truly daunting.

Some are fortunate that a few tweaks of their lifelong habits suffice to achieve health and or weight goals. Others of us need to make more comprehensive changes. I certainly did. For me, the single most important change was eliminating carbohydrates from my diet. When I write eliminate, I mean no rice, wheat, soy. No crackers, chips, bread. No starchy vegetables, sweets or pasta. That sounds extreme to some. And it may be too far for some to go. But it has made all the difference in my life. Health, weight, lifting of depression. No more sore joints. And my brain returned. The fog lifted.

The inner changes for me have been as important as the exterior ones. But it's those changes visible to others that generate the most conversation.

"How have you lost so much weight?"
"By eating a whole lot of fat and almost no carbohydrates."

Once I'm asked how much exercise I've done to lose weight (almost none) and aren't I concerned that eating a high fat diet will give me a heart attack (no) questions will come about how to start the program.

The easiest answer is that the next meal you eat, leave off the carbs. Sounds simple. And it is. This is not say simple and easy are the same thing. At least, not a first. But it really is that straight forward. Then comes the question of what a carb is. That can be a bit trickier. This video is my attempt to explain. Being me, I ramble into other topics as well....

Disclaimer: I’ve been fortunate to have had the time and resources to research the ketogenic diet, also known as LCHF (low carb/high fat). The information I share is based solely on my understanding of that research. We are all responsible for our own choices, including what we put in our mouths and there’s no substitute for each of us checking things out ourselves. And I’m not a medical professional in any way. Go Keto With Casey is not a medical site. “Duh,” you might say. But best to make it clear to all.  I welcome questions, comments and even civil criticism. I’m still learning. So, if you have something to add, go for it. Links in this post and all others may direct you to, where I will receive a small amount of the purchase price of any items you buy through my affiliate links. Thanks!

- Casey