Keto Super Bowl Wings

Sports, Friends, Food & Drink. But No Carbs

Apparently there's some kind of sporting event happening on Sunday. Is that correct? Some kind of team thing where people gather round the tube as an excuse to have delicious food? Yeh?

Well, here's my contribution to that great cultural happening known as Super Bowl Sunday: hot wings.

The way we do them around here is pretty simple. You take un-breaded, frozen chicken wings, put them in a cast iron skillet, pour hot sauce on top. Voilá! Hot wings!

There's really barely more to it than that. Make sure the wings you purchase are indeed zero carb (ours come from Costco - the other great unifier of society) and that the sauce has no hidden sugars. We like Frank's Redhot Sauce. The cast iron skillet isn't mandatory, but it helps. Even better if it's about 50 years old, like ours. 

Here's a short demo of how we roll in the Durango household. BTW, we save the bones in a bag in the freezer to make bone broth. That story will be coming soon.

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