What About Exercise on Keto?

So, this morning, I woke up at 4:40. Bam! Just awake. For some, this is normal 'getting out of bed' time. Not so for me. Not that I haven't had times when I was an early riser. But not now that the household is blissfully clear of school schedules, jobs that require an actual starting time, puppies that need letting out before they burst and all the other things that make younger adult life different than older adult life.

Sheesh. I'm an older adult.

The thing is, I'm digging being the age I am. I don't know whether I would enjoy where I am now this much if I had  been thinner, fitter, healthier and (internally) happier ten, fifteen or twenty-five years ago and so wouldn't have such a drastic comparison to make, but I sure am pleased as punch now. Lovely, bubbly sugar-free punch. That's me.

Since losing 92.1 pounds - yes, I count to a tenth of a pound - on the ketogenic diet, things have only improved for me. I got my brains back after the hiatus they took, clouded by the fog of carbohydrates (It's a thing. Believe me) and the inflammation that made nearly every joint in my body ache cleared up within a couple of weeks of getting into ketosis. The weight loss was only the most visible result of essentially eliminating carbs. And all this came from the food. Exercise is not a required component of the plan. It's not discouraged. It's just not the point of things. So I got all these great benefits without following the decades old recommendation to 'move more and eat less'. In truth, I moved hardly at all.

Well, that's an exaggeration. I now move more than I did because I'm able to and it's certainly more fun t do so. And, not for nothing, but being seen in public is less embarrassing for me now. Consequently, I get out more. One thing leads to another....

I was all goofy laughs when with someone...

I was all goofy laughs when with someone...

But formal, regular exercise just hasn't been my thing. I gave it a real go, years before losing the weight. Trained for and participated in four sprint level triathlons. Wow. Nothing like seeing a very fat person haul herself around a swim/bike/run event.

Don't get me wrong. I admire the hell out of anyone who is comfortable at their size and who do what they want, when they want and feel confident doing so. That just wasn't me.

..This is how I felt.

I participated. But it took everything I had to emerge on the scene in a bathing suit. I only recently saw photos of myself from the first triathlon, a women's only sprint level. I'm glad I didn't see them then or there wouldn't have been enough tequila bottled to get me through it. 

The events were well run and I made a wonderful friend whilst training for them. But I sucked at it. And I was miserable most of the time. So that Summer was pretty much the last time I did any regular exercise.

But as I lay there in my comfy bed this morning, hearing the grandfather clock chime 4:45, I had the urge to run. To put on my vibrant orange sneaks and go run around the neighborhood.

So I did. Not far - 1.15 miles. And I've 'run' further before. Over the last year or so I've managed to jog about three times. But those times were more of "I've GOT to get some exercise in", not "I want to go run!". I know moving is good for me, separate from the weight loss part. We now know exercise is not an effective weight loss tool. It's a fitness tool. And I want to be fit. So those other times was me making myself do something that I hoped would get me on that path. I was proud of myself the few times I jogged. But I didn't love doing it. It was a chore.

This morning was not a chore. And it went by so quickly! With my earbuds in and Pandora on my iPhone, it was one Adele song, one Fun and one Five for Fighting. Not bad, eh? 

The bottom line for me in all this is that, just as the ketogenic diet has allowed me, in my late 50's, to lose a boat load of weight, feel better than I have in years and has convinced me I'm nearly invincible, I now see that I can become a person who likes to get up before her dogs, put on orange sneakers and run. So while exercise is not a part of the ketogenic diet, it may now become part of my life. 

Will wonders never cease? Here's a video for those who like 'the talkies'

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