New Weight Loss and An Added Surprise!

It's a rainy Monday here, usually a prescription for being a bit down. But not me. Not today. Firstly, we really need the rain around here. My poor garden has gone crispy! But also, I feel I've regained a level of control over myself that seemed to have been slipping of late.

Nothing dramatic. Just finding it more challenging than usual to eat only when hungry. As I've written before, that has been the bigger issue for me as I've lost weight on the ketogenic (low carb/high fat) diet. Avoiding carbs is now routine for me. But mindless eating. Grrrrrr. It can still happen.

Then Lovely Mate and I had a beach weekend with family and friends. My weight loss slow down took a different turn altogether. I put on about 5 pounds. That's the largest uptick I've had since starting the protocol. I wasn't freaked out by the gain, knowing it would correct. And because I knew the reason. I ate when I didn't need to. When I wasn't hungry. I remained in ketosis (read here for a quick reminder of what that is) and ate only 'allowed' foods. (see here for the 2 page list). But we had fun hanging out with everyone. I just didn't like feeling weighed down. And not by the pounds so much as the idea that I had been getting sloppy about one of the tenets of the program: "Eat only when hungry"

Fasting To Break A "Stall"

The "stall" in my case was more of a mental one. I have enjoyed being in control of my eating for the last couple of years since starting the diet. I wanted to get in front of that control getting away from me. So I decided to fast or a day. In the video below I share how that went, and an added surprise I experienced.