"So, what do you eat?"

When people learn that I've lost quite a bit of weight - 83.9 pounds - since starting to follow a ketogenic nutritional protocol the initial response is frequently "wow!". That is followed closely by wondering what I eat. Then there are a series of cascading comments regarding my health. I'll write about those elsewhere.

But I thought it might be an interesting exercise to post my meals and the attendant nutritional info for them. Feel free to comment or ask questions.

Here's this morning's breakfast, followed by the nutrition info, per MyFitnessPal. (I had already had a couple of cups of coffee and logged them but they're not in the photo)

3 Johnsonville Breakfast links; 2 scrambled eggs (from our backyard girls); a bit of hot sauce

3 Johnsonville Breakfast links; 2 scrambled eggs (from our backyard girls); a bit of hot sauce

See the update MFP Food Diary below.

See the update MFP Food Diary below.

I tend to eat breakfast late, if at all. This was around 10:30. I may not eat again today.  ("EEK! Not eat?? Are you INSANE?")

I may be insane, but my eating choices are not a reflection of that. Again, I'll be writing more about how the amount I eat has changed just as the type of food has.

So, as I sit here now, at 2:15PM, this may be my food intake for the day. Maybe not. I have a Coke Zero on the counter next to me, although some days that might be a Pelligrino. And later it will be a vodka tonic. If I eat again, I'll update this post.

Good wine and a chicken coloring book. All on a lovely Summer afternoon.

Good wine and a chicken coloring book. All on a lovely Summer afternoon.

My good friend, MG, invited me to meet her for a tasting at Winestyles. What a treat. And, being her, she brought a chicken coloring book! My experience doing following the ketogenic diet has been that alcohol has been a non-issue. While wine is made from grapes and those are too sweet for me to eat (fruits in general are off my list as the sugar in them, although naturally occurring and thought to be essential by many folks, will knock me out of ketosis) the fermentation process created sugar alcohols. And there are special rules for those. 

Hurray for special rules!

We had a lovely time as we always do. I then returned home and was a bit hungry. Sometimes I'm not hungry late in the day and don't eat but I was at this time, so I plated up one of the chicken thighs that I had cooked before I left to meet MG. Cooked in a cast iron skillet with some coconut oil and seasoned with salt, garlic, paprika and cayenne. Skin on, browned and then set on super-low simmer. Luscious and simple. Fatty and filling Yum. And it was perfectly satisfying.

And here's what my daily food diary ended up looking like.

I'll plan on keeping up this experiment unless and until it's clear that the world just isn't that interested in what I eat. It would be hard to believe, but I'm girded for that realization.

Let me know your thoughts. You can even let me know your concerns for my health. But I assure you, it's never been better.

The information I present here is based on my own experiences and personal research. While I’ve been fortunate to have much person-to-person exposure to leading researchers, physicians and journalists regarding the ketogenic specifically and LCHF (low carb/high fat) more generally, we are all responsible for our own choices, including what we put in our mouths. I welcome questions, comments and even civil criticism. I’m still learning. So, i you have something to add, go for it. Thanks!  - Casey