What I Ate Today (9.23.2016)

A Day Of Food on the Ketogenic Diet

Below is a video of a somewhat typical day of food for me. It was essentially coffee until mid-afternoon when I made a bunless cheesburger and a half dozen shrimp for dinner. The macros (fat/protein/carbs) as well as calories are below as well. This video is too long and going forward I'll make it more of a recap unless there's some recipe or item I think might be helpful to others.

[Please give me feedback. Between trying to learn the technology, editing and whatnot I'm still climbing up that learning curve. I wish to make helpful and engaging content that's as polished as I can muster. Any suggestions will be welcomed.]

MyFitnessPal Food Diary

This includes a couple of gin & tonics (diet tonic, of course) I had. For more details......

I hope this proves useful. Thanks for reading!